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Baseball Info Solutions distinguishes itself by providing cutting-edge information to teams looking to stay a step ahead of the competition. We're constantly pushing ahead of the curve by providing our diverse team clients with both innovative data and polished analysis.

We make our data and analysis available to team clients through raw data as well as a user-friendly web interface. In addition to live and overnight delivery of current data, we also have several decades of historical information available in various formats. We are more than happy to design customized files, reports, or web interfaces that suit your needs.

Product Offerings Include:

  • hitting, pitching, and fielding statistics, breakdowns, and splits
  • pitch type, velocity, and location data
  • cutting edge defensive analysis of every player in the major leagues
  • tools to optimize infield and outfield defensive positioning
  • analysis of baserunning tendencies
  • batted ball timer data
  • the data behind baseball's newest trend: The “Ted Williams Shift”
  • Bill James's Good Fielding Plays and Defensive Misplays classifications
  • custom reports and web interfaces
  • several new data collection points for the current year


Our highly trained video scouts come to BIS as extremely knowledgeable baseball fans with a history of playing, watching, and analyzing the game. Our video scouts watch each game twice to ensure accurate data collection. We take data integrity very seriously and in addition to recording data for each game twice, we perform numerous audits to ensure our data is the best in the industry.


We offer a wide variety of delivery options to fit your needs, from live data to postgame, nightly, or weekly data feeds and reports.




Yes, we deliver accurate and timely data. Yes, we can use your FTP server. Yes, we can sort by whatever column you’d like. BIS is a company of yes. We are happy to customize data, delivery, or anything else.

We support the following file formats: XML, Excel, CSV or any other type of delimited file

Our data can be delivered to you: nightly, post-game, weekly, or live.

Want to create your own metric? We’re happy to plug in your formula to limit the work on your end.


The best thing about working with BIS is that when you call the office, there is no automated system that you have to navigate in order to talk to a someone. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help rectify any issue in a timely manner.

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Our state of the art data center is fully redundant with on-site power generation and battery backup. Additionally we have secondary internet connections to ensure you get our data delivered to you no matter what happens.

Our servers utilize the latest Microsoft operating systems and database servers. We continually are updating our hardware and software to ensure the best possible customer experience.