Q and A

Before applying you should review this page to be sure this is for you.

Q. Who are we targeting to be scorekeepers?

A. Baseball fans and enthusiasts, those looking for a hobby or a chance to see star players of the future. You should have a strong baseball background or knowledge of how baseball is scored on paper and understand the terms of the game such as fielder's choice, sacrifice, earned runs, grounded into double play, and RBI's to name just a few. You should have a PC running Windows (no Mac's) with internet access and an email account.

Q. Where will we be scoring games?

A. We need helpers in the cities list on our Locations page. You should live within 25 miles or approx. 30 min. drive time of the stadium. There is no travel pay.

Q. Do I have to buy tickets?

A.  No, tickets for admission to the games will be provided for you on the dates your scheduled to attend.

Q. What about parking fees?

A. Parking fees will be reimbursed per game scored.

Q. Is there any training involved?

A. Yes, after reviewing your answers to the questions on the Apply page, if accepted, you will be sent a training packet with a scoring handbook and video. At the end of the training video is a training game which you will be required to score and send in for evaluation. We will use this game to determine who is accepted. This will also give you an opportunity to see if this is something you'd like to do.

Q. How much does this pay and how do I receive payment?

A. The per game fee is $25 plus parking fees. You will be mailed a check approximately every three weeks during the season.

Q. Will taxes be withheld?

A. No, you will hired as an an independent contractor. As such you will receive a Form-1099 at years end provided you earn at least $600 (not including parking and other pay which may be made to cover out of pocket costs that may occur). As an independent contractor you are not considered an employee and you will not qualify for health or unemployment benefits.

Q. How many games will I be required to cover?

A. The number of games will vary depending on several factors. The first being the quality of your work, your availability and how often you wish to attend. Secondly, how many other helpers are in your city. We use two scorekeepers for each game and will cover the entire regular season. You will be scheduled based on your availability. If you're a student or teacher and can only work between sessions, we can work with you.