Company Overview

Sports Info Solutions (SIS) opened its doors back in 2002 and has been on the leading edge of the advanced statistical study of sports ever since. The company’s mission is to provide the most accurate, in-depth, timely baseball and football data, including cutting-edge research and analysis, striving to educate both professional teams and the public about sports analytics. SIS employs a staff of expert baseball and football scouts and an army of highly trained video scouts who conduct several passes of each game, recording everything from basic box score data to times and locations of balls in play, pitch types and locations, defensive shifts, routes, coverages, and much more.

The company’s analysts and programmers dissect data, producing a variety of predictive studies and analytics, including Defensive Runs Saved. Defensive Runs Saved estimates the number of runs a defender saves or costs his teams because of his ability to convert balls in play into outs, defend bunts, turn double plays, prevent baserunner advancements, and several other factors. A couple of the more recent advancements are Strike Zone Plus/Minus—which measures the number of extra strikes drawn because of the framing tendencies of catchers, pitchers, batters, and umpires—and Stolen Base Red Light/Green Light—which predicts baserunner success rates on stolen bases against various pitcher-catcher combinations, even if they have never faced each other. Likewise, SIS is making exciting progress in football analytics, including the creation of Independent Quarterback Rating, which removes many factors outside the QB's control, including drops, to measure passing effectiveness.

Career Postings

Research and Development Analyst

Sports Info Solutions (SIS) is looking for candidates to fill a full-time position in our R&D Department. The R&D Analyst will work out of our office near Allentown, PA and will contribute as a member of our R&D team, supporting research for publications and future products.

Job Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Perform modeling and research using SIS’s internal database as well as other notable data sets such as Statcast, Trackman, and Pitch F/X
  • Write articles and research pieces to be featured in publications such as The Fielding Bible, The Bill James Handbook, ESPN Insider, and Stat of the Week, among other prominent sports outlets
  • Prepare cutting-edge research for presentation in a professional setting, including sales Representations and conferences
  • Collaborate with colleagues to help illuminate the value of SIS’s analytical products to prospective clients

The position requires a variety of skills including (but not limited to) an analytical mind, computer expertise, writing ability, and a passion for sports, particularly baseball and football.

Ideal candidates will possess:

  • 5+ years’ experience in baseball/football/sports analytics, including play-by-play data
  • 2+ years’ experience working with state-of-the-art sports data sets such as those from BIS/SIS, Trackman, Sportvision, Statcast, or NextGen Stats
  • 5+ years’ experience with MySQL, SQL Server, or similar databases, including query writing and creation and maintenance of a code base/stored procedures
  • 3+ years’ experience building, customizing, and maintaining reports for clients
  • Demonstrable experience using data visualizations to communicate to a non-technical audience using programs such as Tableau and R
  • Strong familiarity with Python, R, or another scripting language
  • Experience implementing Machine Learning algorithms is a plus
  • Ability to lead group projects and mentor interns/entry-level colleagues
  • Strong professional writing experience, such as publication in a professional journal or in a reputable online community

To apply, please use the following link: SIS R&D Analyst

2018 Baseball Video Scouting Internship

Position Overview:

BIS is looking for highly motivated individuals with a desire to work in the baseball industry. Video Scouts will have a chance to make an immediate impression on the company. Each Video Scout will be collecting data that is directly used by BIS clients (including major league teams) for advance scouting and evaluation purposes. Not only will the Video Scouts become more familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of hundreds of amateur and professional players, but they will also learn the ins and outs of the baseball statistics industry.

Former Video Scouts have risen rapidly through Major League front offices after getting their start watching two to three games per day at BIS. In the words of one former Video Scout and current Vice President of Baseball Operations, “My summer at BIS was the best baseball experience of my life.” Major League teams frequently come to us for recommendations when they need to fill a position within their organization, and our top video scouts each year routinely land team internships and/or full-time jobs.

To apply, read through the basic information about the position then use the link below the description to submit your application.


  • Score and pitch chart MLB, MiLB and amateur games using specialized computer software
  • Check the accuracy and validity of data
  • Prepare and analyze statistical data for delivery to customers
  • Assist with the production of the 2019 Bill James Handbook
  • Provide administrative support to the full-time staff


  • Demonstrated knowledge of baseball and baseball scorekeeping
  • Ability to identify and differentiate between pitch types
  • Computer proficiency and the ability to quickly learn new software
  • High attention to detail
  • High school, college, or professional baseball playing experience is preferred
  • Must be able to work nights and weekends
  • Must be able to work out of our Coplay, PA office
  • Enrolled in or graduated from an accredited college or university

Time Frame:

BIS offers two unique start dates for this position. The first begins February 5th, 2018. It will last for a period of five months, with the possibility of extending further based on the Video Scout’s performance. The second begins on March 12th, 2018. This will last five to six months into early October, again with a possibility of extending longer.


  • A starting base hourly rate of $7.75 and/or college course credit will be offered to each Video Scout
  • Each Video Scout will also be eligible for regular raises based on performance
  • There will also be opportunities to sign up to work overtime to earn extra income (opportunities will depend on work levels throughout the year)

To apply, please use the following link: 2018 Baseball Video Scout Application

Business Development Associate

Would you be interested in working closely with a small team to bring sabermetrics to a larger audience? Baseball Info Solutions is seeking a full-time Business Development Associate to work out of our Lehigh Valley, PA office. This is a great opportunity in a casual office environment with the leading provider of in-depth sports analytics.

The candidate will develop new sales opportunities as well as help maintain existing client relationships. Strong candidates will possess a self-motivated attitude, great communication skills, and be able to work in a collaborative team environment or independently as needed.

Job Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Build new business relationships independently or as part of a business development team
  • Maintain and expand existing client relationships
  • Assist with marketing efforts and represent the company in professional settings
  • Communicate with clients and prospects in-person, over the phone, and via email
  • Educate current and future clients on cutting-edge data and analytics from SIS
  • Collaborate with BIS Operations, R&D, and IT colleagues to build new products and fulfill customer needs
  • Travel to meet with clients as needed


  • A track record (1-2 years) working in a business development environment
  • Experience with Salesforce or CRM tool preferred
  • A firm grasp on the baseball, football, fantasy sports, and sports media industries, including the latest sabermetric research
  • Open-minded approach and ability to think creatively to anticipate client and industry demands
  • Outgoing personality and flexible sales style to engage with a wide variety of prospective clients
  • Professional demeanor with excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills as well as diligence and high attention to detail
  • Initiative to voluntarily commit long hours, night, and weekends as when needed
  • Proficient in Microsoft software, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

To apply, please use the following link: SIS Business Development Associate