About Baseball Info Solutions

Night shot of home plateBaseball Info Solutions has been supplying top notch, timely, and in-depth baseball data and analytics to its customers for the last ten years. BIS collects a statistical snapshot of every important moment of every Major League Baseball game with the most advanced technology, resulting in a database that includes traditional data, pitch-by-pitch data, and defensive positioning data. The company also has the highest quality pitch charting data available anywhere, including pitch type, location, and velocity.

BIS provides comprehensive services to about half of the 30 Major League Baseball teams, as well as many sports agents, media, fantasy services, game companies and private individuals.

Oldt time bat and ball at restJohn Dewan, the principal owner of BIS, has been on the cutting edge of baseball analysis for over 25 years. His experience goes all the way back to his days as Executive Director of Project Scoresheet, the Bill Jamesled effort that pioneered the new wave of baseball statistics that are now common terminology.

The rest of the BIS team includes former professional and collegiate baseball players as well as research, programming and database management experts. Over the last five seasons, BIS has more than tripled its full-time staff. BIS continues to grow within the industry while emphasizing personal attention to its customers.

Our Mission Statement

Baseball Info Solutions is committed to providing the most accurate, in-depth, timely professional baseball data, including cutting-edge research and analysis, striving to educate major league teams and the public about baseball analytics.