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Welcome to Baseball Info Solutions

Baseball Info Solutions:
Equipped to deliver innovative, relevant baseball data to a host of customers including;

* Major league teams
* Sports agents
* Fantasy services
* Baseball card publishers
* Computer game developers

We pride ourselves on versatility, handling special requests and standard data reports with personalized customers service and record-breaking timeliness.

What data suits your needs?

* Basic season totals
* In-depth play-by-plays
* Pitch-charting data (type, location, velocity)

Whatever your needs, the data is packaged in the format desired - hardcopy, disk, or email.

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Recent News

Sports Info Solutions, the industry leader in sports data collection and analytics, launched its live pitch charting operation with the outset of the 2016 season.

FanGraphs, with the help of Baseball Info Solutions, has changed the way fans watch and learn about the game of baseball.

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